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Happy Flower Company
Our Wreaths

Locally Sourced & Responsibly Harvested Natural Foliage
Available from mid-November up until Christmas

Happy Flower Company create beautiful hand-made Christmas Wreaths using locally sourced foliage from renewable sources.
Available in a variety of sizes and stylish decorations.



Three Size Options

We make our wreaths on wire frames that are:

SMALL 8" or 20cm

MEDIUM 12" or 30cm

LARGE 14" or 35cm

Once the foliage is added the finished sizes are roughly

SMALL 12" or 30cm

MEDIUM 18" or 45cm

LARGE 22" or 55cm



Three Style Options

We have three different styles to choose from:

Natural Foliage Only

Natural Foliage With Bow

Natural Foliage WIth Bow and Decorations

Please make your choices when ordering


Fragrant Finishing Touches


             Fir Pine Cones

            Blue Cedar Rose Cones


Colourful Finishing Touches


            Hessian Merry Christmas

            Hessian Snow Scene



            Hessian Holy

            Silver Shimmer

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Price List

Our Offers


  • Natural No Bow                      £10

  • Natural With Bow                     £12

  • Natural With Bow & Decorated   £14


  • Natural No Bow                      £18

  • Natural With Bow                     £20

  • Natural With Bow & Decorated   £24


  • Natural No Bow                      £24

  • Natural With Bow                     £26

  • Natural With Bow & Decorated   £28


Ordering Process

How Do I Order?

Please complete the order form below with your choice of size, style, bow and cone.
If you would like us to deliver to someone other than yourself that is no problem.
Alternatively you can e-mail us at hello@happyflowercompany.co.uk or call on 07976 818 041.
Please ensure you include a valid e-mail address so we can confirm your choices.
Once confirmed we can either send a Paypal request or an invoice with our bank details for a direct bank transfer.

How Do I Receive My Wreath?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are offering two contactless options - Delivery on Set Dates or Pre-Arranged Collection.

How Can I Get My Wreath Delivered?

We currently don't offer delivery via courier so free delivery is only available within a 10 mile radius of Wethersfield. If you require delivery just outside this area please get in touch to see if we can help - there may be a small charge for this service.
In order to make this a free delivery service we have set delivery dates on the following Thursdays:
26th November 2020
3rd December 2020
10th December 2020
17th December 2020
Unfortunately we are unable to give a precise time of day for our deliveries but happy to hang it on your door if you are not in - please ensure there is something to hang it on!

How Can I Collect My Wreath?

If you would prefer contactless collection then during the confirmation process we will agree with you a suitable date. We will also confirm the collection address where your wreath will be hanging with a label on the gate in our driveway.


Order Form

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Cone Choice
Bow Choice - Please note Hessian Merry Christmas and Hessian Snow Scene are smaller and therefore more suited to a small wreath



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