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Supporting British Farming

We grow seasonal vegetables using sustainable methods - meaning no inorganic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides whatsoever. We choose varieties and cultivars known for there flavour - our motto is Packed with Flavour!
We employ minimal tillage methods in our growing beds ensuring that micro-organisms are given the best environment to create soil that's in tip top condition. We dress the beds in organic compost at the start of the season adding amendments where necessary. For hungry vegetables like calabrese, garlic or cauliflower we precede them with green manures which are turned into the soil. The fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into the ground to ensure healthy growth.


Vegetable Lovers

Fresh and Flavoursome

For those who just love fresh vegetables that are as healthy as they can be. Grown in soil that is packed with nutrients means the vegetables are as well. You cannot compare them to supermarket products


Market Garden Produce

From late April / early May to first frost we supply bunches of seasonal vegetables. Bringing you the freshest produce with the shortest Field to Fork time!


Seedlings & Bulbs

We grow hundreds if not thousands of plug vegetables and from time to time we just have too many! We also grow a variety of herbs that would be great for any kitchen garden.
One of our signature vegetables is garlic and these are easy to grow and an official super food.

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Vegetables We Grow

Our selection is always evolving and ultimately driven by customer demand. We also mix it up a bit every so often with some not so well known choices.

Carrot                Lettuce               Spring Onion              Peas                

Beetroot             Calabrese               Fennel                  Mangetout        

Salad Bags            Cauliflower               Leek                     Aubergine             

Tomato               Cucumber               Radish                     Turnip             

Garlic                  Kohlrabi                 Courgette               Squash              

Spinach                 Parsnip                  Chilli                      Microgreens      

Mushrooms             Red Onion            Herbs                      Kale               




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